Prayer is not simply a priority at Calvary; prayer is a defining characteristic of who we are. Jesus is quoting Isaiah 56 when He says, ‘‘My house will be called a house of prayer’’ (Matthew 21:13; Mark 11:17; Luke 19:46). We take this title very seriously. Prayer is our lifeline with God.

Pre-Service Prayer

Join us for a church-wide prayer gathering before each service.


The Prayer Ministry Team:

The Prayer Ministry Team is an empowered ministry of several people who have committed one hour each week to pray individually for the church. Each week Calvary sends encouraging emails updating the Prayer Ministry Team with specific needs and reports of what God is doing through our community. You can join the Prayer Ministry Team by emailing or calling the church office at 409.842.4780. Just ask to be added to the team, and you will begin receiving the Prayer Ministry Team emails.

The Prayer Room:

A prayer room is set aside for prayer 24/7 at Calvary. In this room, you may find yourself in solitude or with a small group already gathered seeking God together. The Prayer Room is open Monday–Sunday and is closed on certain holidays OR during scheduled church services.

Corporate Prayer:

Before each service, the sanctuary is open for corporate prayer.  Enjoy quiet instrumental worship music (pre-recorded) as you set aside this time to pray, worship, or read your Bible.