Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.  -Proverbs 27:17


Carl Vickery, Pastor


Office Phone:  409.842.4780 | Email: 

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Kim Bear, Pastoral & Administrative Secretary, Music Director, Janitorial Service Director, Adult Choir Director, Marriage & Family Ministry


Office Phone:  409.842.4780 | Email:


Holly Vickery  |  Pastor's Wife, Ladies Ministry, Hands of Praise, Production & Special Events

Charles & Debra Scott  |  Guest Care

Andrew Emerson  |  Winnie Campus Music Director

Andrew & Lisa Emerson  |  Velocity Youth Directors (Winnie Campus)

Patrick & Kassi Phelps  |  Winnie Campus Youth Assistants

Jerry Phelps  |  Winnie Head Usher

Thelma Boone  |  Winnie Hostess Team Director

Ruth Dewees  |  Winnie Sunday School Director

Charles Scott |  Winnie Sound Director

Kassi Phelps  |  Winnie Secretary

Debra Scott  |  Winnie Media Director

Deborah Rowland  |  Winnie Singles Director

Lera Allen  |  Pastor Appreciation

Lucas Roberts  |  Winnie Men's Director

Tammy Boone & Vera Roberts  |  Winnie Sunday School Teachers Ages 3-8 Years

Holly Vickery & Autaum Whitaker  |  Winnie Sunday School Teachers Ages 9-11 Years

Patrick & Kassi Phelps  |  Winnie Sunday School Teachers Ages 12-15 Years

Andrew & Lisa Emerson  |  Winnie Sunday School Teachers Ages 16-18 Years