Tragedy and Compassion

Over the past few weeks I have witnessed some tremendous outflows of compassion due to the recent floodings, shootings, and other tragedies that so often strike our world.  I have been sincerely appreciative of those who have come together and offered such enormous acts of compassion.  Some have given money, some have given time but all have given something, for that I can honestly say "Thank You!"


However I have wrestled with the nagging question of, "why do we wait until major catastrophes to unite in a compassionate effort to help those in need?" 

More directly, why does it take a hurricane, tornadoes, flooding or even a terrorist attack on a large scale for people to pull together and show immeasurable compassion to one another.  How much better would our world be if we came together on a daily basis and for the greater cause over the catastrophes that take place in people lives everyday? 

Churches, workplaces, and even families could change their entire atmosphere by just realizing it doesn't or shouldn't take a global tragedy to show compassion.  The next person we meet could be going through their on personal tragedy themselves: a divorce, a disease, a family loss, financial loss, etc.  Maybe there are no cameras around or no microphones but it's a tragedy all the same... And each could use the compassion of a church and family or even that of a stranger that I have witnessed the last few weeks.  This post is not meant to to judge or criticize but rather hopefully open our eyes to the immediate needs and the tragedies that surround us every day and those in need the compassion or care that we have so adequately proven we are capable of.